Catalina 302

Decorating has always been something I enjoy doing, so this upcoming school year I was so excited to coordinate with my roommates to make our room comfortable and inviting. We all mutually agreed on just about everything and I think we are pretty proud of how it all came together!

On another note, every year I find God placing a "theme" on my heart. Senior year was "Let It Go", last year was "New Chapter", and this year is "Take a Moment". It may sound silly, but each one of these phrases is continually on my mind throughout the year! Our sophomore year is said to be academically challenging, time consuming, plus the majority of us girls have jobs. So sometimes you just need to take a moment, pause, and realize all that God has done, is doing, and will do in your life and to take a moment to thank Him through all the stress and daily activities that consume our time. While discussing this with my amazing roommates-who God has definitely blessed me with- we kinda all had the same theme in mind for this year, therefore giving our room a verse that I think suites the feeling of the room and our lives perfectly! I even had these cute scrabble magnets for the fridge and we wrote the verse out. The verse is Psalm 46:10, "Be still and know that I am God..". Just thought I would share in hopes that my readers would remember to "Take a Moment" during our crazy lives! 

These pictures are for all my AZ friends (and my mom whose been asking for pictures) so they can see my new humble abode. 

 In case anyone was wondering, these are our initials (Emily, Karris, Rachel)

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