Raygay + Migayla

It's crazy to think of where we were a year ago as new freshmen in college. I love how we ended up so close together in the second best state (both major AZ lovers). After weeks of trying to get together, we finally made it happen! So of course we had to snap some pictures since the last time we did was the summer before college! I love this girl forever and always and I missed her oh so much!

Royale's Birthday Dinner

Royale's birthday festivities are never ending! Yesterday we went to Laguna to celebrate her 21st birthday. We originally wanted to eat at this cool rooftop lounge but it was unfortunately packed, so we went to BJ's instead! I love these girls so much and I'm glad we finally got some pictures together because they were way overdue! 

Tanaka Farms

Tis' the season of pumpkins! I just know you wanted to see more pumpkin patch pictures, but let's be real, they are only around once a year and are exciting! On this fine overcast day, we all went to Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch. It's such a cute little pumpkin patch with lots of things to explore and look at. Unfortunately, we left empty handed because there's not much you can do with a pumpkin in a dorm room. Today also happens to be Carly's birthday!! Happy Birthday to this gorgeous girl who I love so much!