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Ireland 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

I am writing this blog post to inform you about an exciting opportunity I have been given. Vanguard University has invited me to participate in a 2 week mission outreach to Northern Ireland this summer! We will be partnering with Cornerstone City Church, located in the city of Derry, to spread the message of hope to a city torn by hate and past war.  

The city of Derry is divided by the Foyle River that passes through the middle of the city. This natural water way stands as a natural and metaphorical representation that divides the city. On the downtown, "city side" of the river, you will find the population to be predominantly Catholic. On the "waterside" of the river, you will find mostly Protestants. Simply put, the river represents the great and deep divide between both sides that has existed for decades. Think Hatfield’s and McCoy’s, but much worse.
Yet, there’s a sense of hope brewing. Just a short time ago, Derry opened the Peace Bridge. It spans from downtown in the heart of the city side, all the way over to the waterside. It's beautiful. It's symbolic. It stands for the hope that both sides can find peace. Better yet, that they can find Him who brings the peace that passes all understanding.
I am very excited and honored to be a part of what God is doing in Derry. My team and I will be participating in the city wide event I Heart Derry, a ministry of Cornerstone City Church which focuses on reaching the next generation, as well as spreading the message of peace between the differing communities. We will be doing a variety of things such as Children’s ministry, rebuilding & construction projects, help provide basic health check-ups, street prayer ministry, and more. 
In order to walk through this open door, I need assistance. First and foremost, I need friends and family to pray for me. I need prayer for my strength emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Pray that the Lord will meet my financial needs, and most importantly pray for our team to show God’s love to Derry. Secondly, I need your financial support. I would be greatly appreciative if you would consider making a one-time offering/donation to help me financially. I need to raise $3,000 by May 23th in order to cover the cost of the trip. You can donate through an online link at Just click on the Ireland flag, fill out the information (my Student ID# is 494783), and click donate!! If you would prefer to donate with a check or cash, please leave a comment and I will contact you or Facebook message me! 

Thank you for supporting me through prayer and/or financial aid. May God's peace continue to flow through this city, across the river, over the bridge, and beyond.

Thank You & God Bless